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We’re living in an era where infrastructure is transforming day by day. Today companies prefer to host their infrastructures on the cloud, which is scalable, secured and cost-effective. Companies are investing less in on-premise servers and networks these days.

In the market for public cloud services, Microsoft and AWS are tied for first place. According to the International Data Corporation, Microsoft and Amazon Web Services (AWS) shared first place in the global public cloud services industry, which expanded 24.1 percent year over year to $312 billion in 2020. 

In cloud solutions available, AWS has excelled with its offerings. AWS services like EC2, Cloudfront, S3, Lambda and others provide flexibility to its client to pay on the scale of their applications based on their needs. We ensure we met your compliances and host your infrastructure securely on AWS infrastructure. 

We focus on landing zones that incorporate tried and tested methodologies that use native AWS capabilities that meet or exceed customers’ security and compliance objectives. The account structure, user configuration, provisioning, networking, and operation automation are all covered by Landing Zones.

We Are The AWS Experts

Perimattic is a Cloud Managed Service Provider (MSP) focused on enabling businesses to migrate to the cloud, using AWS services to deliver its customer services. We’ve AWS Certified Architects, and we embrace the concept of Availability Zones to deliver your content with the least latency.

We've catered to the AWS demands of over 100 clients throughout the world. Post-migration, Perimattic offers a full managed service. We will manage and operate your infrastructure on a monthly OPEX basis, allowing you to focus on your business while leveraging technology to gain a competitive advantage.

Gaurav Pareek

A young, energetic person with 5+ years of experience working with AWS. A Certified AWS Architect. Well equipped in setting up, design AWS services like EC2, CloudFront or any other service for companies. He has devoted his time and efforts to set up and develop applications for services like EC2, CloudFront, S3, Kinesis, Alexa, Data Warehousing and many more. A dynamic leader of a devoted team.

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