Leading Travel Company in UK

What was the pain area

Our customer is a leading travel company in the UK that based most of its infrastructure on legacy systems hosted on on-premise servers. The legacy approach involving on-premise storage held true to some extent, but it failed to keep pace with the copious amounts of data being generated on a day-to-day basis. As a result, these systems started posing various problems before the company, such as:

  1. Scalability: Their existing systems couldn’t handle the high traffic and high load of travel-based flight searches, with nearly 500K traffic hits per month.

  2. Cost: The organization was seeing a rise in operating costs owing to the high cost of setting up and maintaining on-premise storage servers. At the same time, high upfront equipment costs often led to poor return on investment with long payback duration.

  3. Backups and complex operations: The legacy storage solutions of our customers were difficult to configure and implement, and demanded special training and expertise. This continued adding to the cost of running the storing infrastructure.

How we helped

At Perimattic, we are a cloud-Managed Service Provider (MSP) focused on helping businesses move to the cloud, utilizing our AWS services to deliver unrivaled customer services. When our customer approached us for a solution, we could identify that it’s time for them to do away their legacy approach and embrace an integrated AWS service. Here’s what we did for them:

  1. Analyzing and empowering their existing system: The legacy systems of our customer had to be architected based on the microservices on AWS. The company had hosted its legacy systems on on-premise servers. It was a challenge for us to garner the trust of the client and give them the confidence to move their existing systems to AWS. So, we settled on one module and created the new architecture.

  2. Deployed AWS-based storage architecture: After analyzing their existing storage infrastructure and identifying the key issues faced by the company, our AWS Certified Architects built and deployed AWS services and microservices-based architecture that could scale based on the search traffic and prove cost-effective when there is low traffic. We built the microservices architecture on multiple AWS services like RDS, EC2, ALB’s, S3, CloudFront, CloudTrail, CloudWatch, and many more services.
  1. Maintenance and support: Once we deployed the whole system, we started our cost optimization, support, and maintenance based on the traffic loads on their systems. In addition to this, our team also started monitoring their systems round the clock to ensure everything was working fine. We served with regular maintenance services for their systems to ensure workflows across the organization are seamless.

After Effects

With our AWS solutions and our architectural deployment, Perimattic was able to scale up their architecture from 500k to 800k traffic hits per month. We were able to deploy a system that is secured, scalable, built with the lowest latency, and is GDPR and Data compliant. Thanks to our expert team that we were able to curate and implement a revolutionary infrastructure for our customer as a monthly operating cost, allowing them to focus more on their business and leveraging IT to gain a competitive advantage.