Leading Travel Company in UK

What was the pain area

They had legacy systems hosted on on-premise servers. So, they had many issues in the on-premise systems like scalability, backups and many more. Along with these issues, the biggest of them was the cost of setting up and maintain these on-premises systems. These systems were high traffic and high load systems responsible for delivering travel based flight search with almost 500k traffic hits per month.

How we helped

We had to architect, built and deploy a solution which could scalable based on traffic and cost-effective when the traffic is low. We used multiple AWS services and followed microservices based architecture. The microservices architecture was built on multiple AWS services like EC2, RDS, ALB’s, CloudFront, S3, CloudWatch, CloudTrail and many more services.

After Effects

With AWS and our architectural deployment we were able to scale the architecture from 500k traffic hits per month to 800k traffic hits per month. The system is scalable, secured, built with lowest latency, GDPR and Data compliant.