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Provided the best cloud services to a Staffing Agency in the USA.

The Challenge

Our client is a staffing and recruiting company based out of the US. It has provided qualified talent through staffing, recruitment, process outsourcing, and direct placement services. The company's process solutions include managed service programs, vendor management systems, and independent contractor compliance program.


It manages all the working environment through an Application Tracking System. The company solely relies on this system to operate important business functions. These are mission-critical systems that must always be reliable and available.


Since our client was using an ageing on-premises hardware platform, it had experienced performance challenges. The company was definitely over storage capacity, so they couldn't grow the business as fast as they wanted to. They wanted more efficiency to speed up their fail-over processes.

How Did We Help?

The company decided that moving its key systems to the cloud would help solve its performance, scalability, and disaster recovery needs. We assist them with the migration. With our experience and dedication, they feel very confident about the migration. We performed the following major steps to help them -


  1. Analyzing and empowering their existing system: We architected our customer's older systems. It wasn't easy to gain the client's trust and confidence to migrate their existing systems to AWS. As a result, we planned and built a new architecture on AWS to meet client requirements.
  2. Deployment of storage architecture: Our AWS Certified Architects built and deployed AWS services. We develop the app, manage and monitor servers, integrate it with ATS, and deploy the infrastructure.
  3. Maintenance and support: We began cost optimization, support, and maintenance services on their systems. To guarantee that workflows across the organization are flawless, we worked with regular maintenance services for their systems.

The Benefits

By moving its systems to AWS, the company gained significant performance improvements. Specifically, CPU utilization has been reduced, and database request times have been cut greatly. In addition to faster database request times, their customers can now run processes much faster than before. It also became easier for them to keep pace with growth. Now there are no worries about the capacity constraints. Additionally, the company has improved its disaster recovery processes and increased backup retention time. The organization is also confident that its customers' data is protected.

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