Migrating To The Cloud & Managing The Infrastructure – Cyber Security

For one of the largest Newsletters companies in India.

What Were The Pitfalls?

Our customer is one of the biggest newsletter platforms in India. Most of its infrastructure is based on legacy systems hosted by the on-premise servers. But it failed somehow to keep pace with the large amounts of data being generated on a day-to-day basis. As a result, these systems started facing severe problems before the company, such as


  1. Scalability: Their existing systems couldn't handle the high traffic and high load of day-to-day emails.
  2. Cost: There was an unnecessary hike in operating costs owing to the high cost of setting up and maintaining on-premise storage servers.
  3. Backups: The in-house servers are not that much capable of backing up this high-intensity data.

How Did We Help?

As with other services in the Cloud, the benefits of adopting Cloud email are most often realized in reduced costs and increased operational efficiency. However, there are several other benefits of adopting Cloud-based email. Perimattic, being the experts in Cloud Migration, helped our client company to migrate their data on the cloud platform. Here's what we did for them:


  1. Analyzing and empowering their existing system: We architected the legacy systems of our customer. It was challenging for us to reap the client's trust and confidence to move their existing systems to AWS. So, we planned and created the new architecture on AWS as per their needs.
  2. Deployment of storage architecture: Our AWS Certified Architects built and deployed AWS services and microservices-based architecture to help them manage bulk email newsletters and prove cost-effective. We built the microservices architecture on multiple AWS services.
  3. Maintenance and support: We began cost optimization, support, and maintenance services on their systems once the full system had been delivered. In addition, our staff began monitoring their systems 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to ensure that everything was running well. To guarantee that workflows across the organization are flawless, we worked with regular maintenance services for their systems.

After Effects

The cloud-based email subscription service model provides significant cost savings for implementing and maintaining the environment. The company also benefitted through flexible scalability. The scalability of Cloud-based email allows for an increase in future email capacity without having to do any major changes.


The organization experienced the simplicity of adjusting storage and computing capacity either up or down, depending on their specific needs. In addition, with the help of Perimattic, the company experienced better uptime and disaster recovery response times than those organizations that still rely on their on-premise solutions.

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