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DevOps Services And Solutions Company

Agility is crucial in today's fast-paced digital environment. Regular innovation is essential; the secret to success is optimising your development process. Unlock the full potential of your development pipeline by partnering with Perimattic, your go-to DevOps expert.
Our State-of-the-Art DevOps Services

On-premise Infra & Hosting Consulting

OpenStack Consulting



Managed Web & API Hosting with Cloud Service Providers





OpenStack (on-premise)

High-performance Scaling Services

Database Optimization

Performance Metrics Measuring

Application Performance Monitoring

Kubernetes (k8s) Cluster

Docker Swarm Cluster

Cloud Services & Consulting

Dynamic Cloud Solutions:

Content Delivery at Warp Speed

Flawless Streaming:

IoT Edge Network & Computing

Large Scale & Enterprise-grade Services


Load Balancers

Security Groups

Hardware, Software & Firmware Monitoring

Release Management


Why Choose Perimattic as Your DevOps Services Company?

Outstanding Track Record

It is no surprise that we have been associated with the supply of excelling high-value infrastructure and pipelines which have greatly improved the efficiencies in operations of companies.

Cloud Experts

We are the agile and competent staff that has been able to be well versed with deploying a wide variety of tech stacks regardless of the cloud platform with solid infrastructural solutions.

Data Security on Infra

All teams follow the latest data protection standards and procedures, which meeting we guarantee. Overall, data security measures should not compromise in managing data security hygiene and protocols.

Detailed Feedback

We provide comprehensive feedback and continuous monitoring for your application stack, making it even more robust and resilient with time.

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What DevOps Services Do Perimattic Provide?

In addition to the spectrum of DevOps services which serves multiple industries and business operations, we also provide consulting services to uncover IT-critical bottlenecks. Our DevOps Consulting Services team professionals are experts in answering questions from complicated business requirements and ensuring success with quality in the end.

Our Services

CI/CD solutions

In order to achieve efficient software development cycles, we automate continuous deployment and code integration. We put in place processes that let teams improve the quality of their code and reduce mistakes, which speeds up and improves the reliability of user updates.

Cloud Infrastructure and Deployment

We do a smooth app scale and performance through innovative and robust cloud solutions. This is attained through a superior scaling mechanism, so higher app speed can be achieved. Additionally, our services enhance the operational uptime, and top products are experienced with no hitches in the field..

Infrastructure Security

We provide strong services for audits, encryption, and access restrictions. Our services guarantee that private information is safe from online attacks. Additionally, we have safeguards in place to make sure the infrastructure is impenetrable.

Monitoring and Feedback

By offering monitoring and feedback services, we were able to locate any problems and performance bottlenecks. This allows data-driven enhancements to guarantee maximum user contentment and smooth operation of the program.

DevOps Consultation

In order to increase cooperation and output, we provide strategic analysis, process improvement, and tailored DevOps solutions.

Containerisation and Orchestration

Our expertise with Kubernetes and Docker gives your operations a significant edge. We provide effective resource optimization, smooth scalability, and effective app packaging, all of which improve the overall smoothness and agility of your deployment process.

Tools We Use to Deploy Devops Services


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Find the answers to the most commonly asked questions about our services below.

The cost to hire DevOps developers could range from US$80,000 to $120,000 per year, depending on the region, level of experience, and requirements of the customer. Therefore, before deciding to bring in the DevOps team, a thorough analysis of the project’s requirements and options is essential.

Perimattic brings 3 years of expertise in DevOps consulting, helping businesses streamline their development pipeline and achieve success.

Larger and more complicated projects may take many months or even a year or more to complete, although DevOps initiatives typically take a few weeks to a few months.A DevOps project’s length is contingent upon several elements, including the project’s complexity, scale, and needs. The easiest way to get an approximate timeframe is to speak with a DevOps service provider.

DevOps consulting services offer more teamwork across the organisation’s heterogeneous groups, increased scalability and flexibility, and improved security, stability, and reliability protection, all in addition to a quicker time to market.

In a sea of DevOps service and solution providers, Perimattic stands out as a superior choice because of its expertise in cloud solutions, its flawless past record, its full-circle feedback loop, monitoring services, and data security sentinel.

Perimattic follows practices such as monitoring and feedback, infrastructure security, continuous integration and deployment, and most importantly, cloud infrastructure and deployment for DevOps development.

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