AWS Alternatives: 8 BEST Alternatives to Amazon Web Services (AWS) in 2024

AWS alternatives Are you looking for alternatives to AWS Cloud? We got you! Amazon Web Services cloud is one of the popular choices of most businesses, but there are many best AWS alternatives and competitors that offer online businesses their best services at a cheaper cost with free database services and cheap file storage.

AWS alternatives for cloud computing and other services have been increasing over the past few years, with several cloud computing providers emerging that offer an alternative to AWS. These cloud service providers include cloud offerings from big companies like Microsoft, Google, and IBM, as well as smaller providers serving the needs of specific cloud user types, including DigitalOcean, Hostinger, and others.

In this article, we dive into what you may want from a cloud provider if you want an AWS alternative and the comparison between the other cloud platforms to AWS. Whether you need cloud hosting for your small project or company, take a look at the list of these low-cost managed cloud alternatives to AWS. So let’s dig in!

About Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Amazon Web Services (AWS) provides on-demand cloud computing platforms and other services to companies, individuals, governments, and others. It offers fast, reliable, flexible, and cost-effective solutions. It also offers services in building blocks that can be used to create and deploy several types of applications in the cloud. It is a broadly adopted cloud platform that offers more than 200 fully featured services from data centers worldwide. Now you must be thinking if AWS is so awesome, then why do we need any alternatives?

The pricing system of AWS is high and the billing system is also confusing. AWS services also set default limits on the resources differing from region to region. It has a limit of 20 instances per region. Moreover, Amazon’s platform requires a lot of training for your IT department. Due to its complexity, many companies pay outside consultants for this specific purpose. Now let’s discuss what to look for in the best AWS Alternatives.

What To Look For in the Best AWS Alternatives?

1. Budget Friendly: The smaller your business or company is, the more budget-friendly cloud solution you’ll search for. The hosts on the list are more affordable compared to AWS and none of them will compromise with the quality.

2. Easy to use: AWS offers a wide range of services, which make implementation complex and management quite difficult. The below-mentioned hosting providers won’t put your IT departments through complex training just to be able to set up a virtual atmosphere.

3. Infrastructure offer. From high-performance hosting to server clusters, high-availability database servers, and many more, these AWS alternatives offer something for every want.

What to Look For in other alternatives

4. Cloud services: Some companies can easily match Amazon’s impressive product list. Every one of the alternatives given below offers the most important services of Amazon Web Services such as S3, EC2, and CloudFront.

5. Support: Tech support is also a criterion where AWS costs can be very high. The bigger your infrastructure will be, the greater your requirement, and the more you will pay. AWS alternatives offer much better support prices, and some of them even include managed services.

8 BEST Alternatives to Amazon Web Services (AWS) in 2024

1. Google Cloud Platform

Google Cloud Platform

GCP or Google Cloud Platform is a Public Cloud Provider that allows you to have a computing services list to perform different computational tasks and services. It is a set of solutions and products that includes GCP & G suite. It provides you with a solution for all types of business challenges with ease.


1. GCP or Google Cloud Platform allows you to scale with open, and flexible technology.

2. It helps you to solve issues with its accessible AI & data analytics.

3. Google Cloud Platform eliminates the need for installing servers with higher cost.

4. It allows you to transform your enterprise or business with a full suite of cloud-based services.

2. Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure

Azure is a cloud computing platform, launched in February 2010 by Microsoft and one of the best AWS alternatives. This open-source and flexible cloud platform helps in development, service management, data storage, and hosting solutions.


1. Windows Azure offers you the most effective solutions for your data needs.

2. Azure provides you with scalability, flexibility, and cost-effectiveness.

3. Azure offers you consistency across clouds with familiar resources and tools.

4. Azure allows you to manage your IT resources up and down as per your business needs.

3. Digitalocean


Digitalocean’s droplet is a scalable computer service. Digitalocean is more than just a virtual machine. This cloud platform offers security, add-on storage, and monitoring capabilities to smoothly run your production applications.


1. DigitalOcean offers a 60-day free trial with a credit of $200.

2. 15 data centers across 8 regions for ultimate performance and reliability.

3. It provides affordable and predictable pricing that helps you save as you grow.

4. Complete set of building block services which includes PaaS, IaaS, networking, storage, Managed Kubernetes, and database.

4. Kamatera


The cloud server tool that is developed by Kamatera is mostly similar to a physical server. It operates in a virtual infrastructure cloud which makes it highly flexible and cost-effective. The cloud server pricing is based on pay as you pay-as-you-use model.


1. 13 Data Centers across 4 continents for best performance and availability.

2. Customized and specifically designed VPS Hosting to fit your needs.

3. Kamatera allows you to quickly add load balancers, private networks, firewalls, and apps like pfSense, Docker, Drupal, Jenkins, CPanel, WordPress, node.JS Magento, and many more.

4. It provides a customized billing option based on per month or day.

5. IBM Cloud

IBM Cloud

IBM Cloud is a full-stack cloud platform that spans public, private, or hybrid environments. It is built with a powerful suite of advanced AI tools.


1. IBM Cloud offers Software as a Service (SaaS) Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), and Platform as a Service (PaaS).

2. IBM Cloud helps you to gain value for your businesses.

3. IBM Cloud offers top-notch cloud communications and services to your IT atmosphere.

6. Hostinger


Hostinger is a cheap yet reliable cloud hosting provider having its data centers in Lithuania, Netherlands, the United Kingdom, India, Singapore, France, Brazil, and North America. You can easily select your data center during the checkout process.


1. It is optimized for speed & performance

2. They provide free website transfer and setup services.

3. They offer 24/7 top-quality customer support.

4. They provide a policy of a 30-day no-question-asked money-back guarantee.

7. ScalaHosting


ScalaHosting has developed a cloud management platform that is 100% compatible with cPanel enabling every website owner to have fully managed cloud VPS with high security at a very affordable price. It provides NodeJS, SSH access, WP-CLI, GIT, SVN, and Webserver Manager.


1. It is one of the top-rated hosting providers.

2. 10+ data center locations in the Asia, US, and Europe.

3. It provides free and effortless migration for all the websites.

4. 24/7 Customer Support– “Ask anything” live technical support.

8. Oracle Cloud

Oracle Cloud

Oracle Cloud offers integrated and innovative cloud services. It is considered one of the best AWS competitors which allows you to build, deploy, and manage your workloads in the cloud. Oracle Cloud also helps your companies to transform your business and reduce difficulty.


1. Oracle offers more options for you to know how to make your journey to the cloud.

2. Oracle tells the importance of modern technologies like Artificial Intelligence(AI), Machine Learning(ML), chatbots, and more.

3. It also helps in critical data management in the cloud.

4. It provides better visibility to any unsanctioned apps and protects against any sophisticated cyber attacks.


In conclusion, while AWS is one of the famous cloud service providers some limitations of AWS make you consider other alternatives of AWS. There are so many good open-source AWS alternatives available in the market today that can easily replace AWS cloud computing services. While selecting any other cloud companies you should consider factors like security, reliability, cost of service, customer support, and budget.

At last, this article provides you a great knowledge about the varieties of hosters including the features and benefits they provide.

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