Cloud Consulting Services to Manage Your IT Infrastructure

Cloud Architecting & Deployment

Cloud Architecture

Cloud architecture integrates individual technologies to create clouds and IT environments that abstract, pool, and share scalable resources across a network. Cloud architecture defines all the components and capabilities necessary to build a cloud to deliver an online platform on which applications can run.


Imagine you're building a house, then cloud infrastructure behaves like all the raw materials used to build that house, while cloud architecture is the blueprint design of the house based on which the engineer will build your house.

Cloud Deployment

Cloud deployment refers to deploying an application through one or more hosting models that leverage the cloud. Perimattic is an AWS Consulting Partner. On AWS, we've demonstrated our ability to deploy complicated cloud architectures. We have a lengthy history of successfully deploying infrastructure and applications on AWS.


Perimattic specialises in the following cloud deployment services, which enable you to reap the benefits of the cloud, such as scalability, high availability, and automation. Our cloud architecting & deployment services include:


  • Strategy and roadmap to facilitate decisions
  • Select the best applications for the cloud
  • Architecture audit and design
  • Create logical and network diagrams
  • Create cloud architecture documents
  • Development with a DevOps approach
  • Automation with Amazon CloudFormation
  • Integration with existing systems and applications
  • Deployment of the new cloud production
  • Full documentation of your new cloud infrastructure

Cloud Architecture Design

  • High Availability Engineering: Designing and deploying systems and applications with the highest achievable uptime.
  • Infrastructure Design: Design your new cloud infrastructure based on your specific organization's requirements.
  • Scalability Engineering: Architecture design and deployment of systems and applications that scale with your business.
  • Auditing and Best Practices for Infrastructure Implementation: Recommendations for system and application optimization based on an evaluation of your systems and applications, industry standards, and our own best practises.
  • Best Practices: Audit existing AWS deployments to identify best practises and correct any faults.
  • Security Audit and Remediation: Based on an audit of your applications and infrastructure, we'll make security updates and optimizations.

Cloud Integration and Deployment

  • Infrastructure and Application Deployment: Infrastructure and application deployment in the cloud, using VM-based (Amazon EC2) and Container-based (Amazon ECS) workloads, and supporting Linux and Windows operating systems.
  • Load Testing: We create custom load testing solutions to ensure that your application and infrastructure are ready for users.
  • Big Data: Leverage benefits of Big Data with innovative Big Data solutions from AWS.
  • Disaster Recovery: Deploy your infrastructure solutions to multiple regions and data centers to help you meet DR requirements.

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