15 Best DevOps Podcasts in 2024

List of Best DevOps Podcasts in 2024Due to no standard approach for DevOps, it can be challenging for you. Your DevOps journey can be unique to your business needs, including the DevOps engineering talents and budget you have. To help you keep up with your DevOps journey, we have created a list of some of the best DevOps podcasts for you to listen to today. The article covers various types of DevOps Podcasts from cloud infrastructure management to productivity tips and security strategies.

15 Best DevOps Podcasts in 2024

DevOps Podcasts

1. Azure DevOps Podcast

The Azure DevOps podcast was hosted by Microsoft MVP, Jeffrey Palermo.  It is an interview-based show with both practitioners and professionals in Windows-focused and .NET DevOps roles. The podcast provides listeners with the best strategies for pushing out and monitoring new features in production.

2. IONOS Podcast

The IONOS Podcast was hosted by Joe Nash/Liz Moy. It provides you with tips and insights to scale up your business’s online presence. It covers all, from tech trends to company design, accessibility, culture, and scalability challenges.

3. Puppet Podcast

Puppet podcast is one of the recommended podcasts for anyone exploring some best DevOps podcasts. The podcast mostly talks about the industry in automation and configure management. Their latest episode discusses the State of DevOps Report and the larger trends they are seeing in the market from the survey.

4. Cloud Unplugged

Cloud Unplugged podcast tells you everything about cloud computing. It was hosted by cloud veterans Jon Shanks and Jay Keshu. They came up together with other professional tech leaders to share cloud car crashes and soundboard successes. The podcast will be good for you to help on your path to cloud nirvana.

5. DevOps Café 

DevOps Café was hosted by John Willis and Damon Edwards. DevOps Café covers a wide range of topics related to DevOps, like best practices in DevOps implementation, tools and technologies used in DevOps workflows, cultural aspects, and organizational transformations associated with DevOps adoption, and many more. The podcast also talks about the experience of guests, their insights, and perspectives on various DevOps-related challenges and solutions.

6. The Ship Show

The Ship Show was hosted by Paul Reed and EJ Ciramella. The podcast discussed topics related to DevOps, continuous delivery, automation, and software engineering best practices. The podcast is a collaboration with industry experts from various organizations, providing listeners with into the evolving landscape of software delivery.

7. Arrested DevOps

Arrested DevOps was hosted by Matt Stratton, Trevor Hess, and Bridget Kromhout. Arrested DevOps offers an engaging and informative exploration of DevOps principles, tools, and culture. The podcast features DevOps engineers, software developers, and operations. These guests share their expertise, experiences, and insights, providing valuable perspectives for listeners.

8. The DevOps Handbook Podcast

The DevOps Handbook Podcast was hosted by Gene Kim, John Willis, and Damon Edwards. The DevOps Handbook Podcast offers valuable insights for organizations and individuals looking to scale up their DevOps journey, providing practical guidance and inspiration for building high-performing teams and delivering software with speed, stability, and security. DevOps podcast features DevOps practitioners and authors who share their insights, experiences, and best practices for implementing DevOps at scale.

9. The Humans of DevOps Podcast Series

The Humans of DevOps Podcast Series helps organizations achieve their goals and compete in this disruptive and digital landscape. It empowers people helping them both the professional and personal expertise to leverage the benefits of DevOps in both your career and business.

It focuses on all things DevOps and digital transformation at all levels. It also provides deep practical knowledge, respected certification programs, a welcoming network of industry leaders, and insider events.

10. Ship It! SRE, Platform Engineering, DevOps

Ship It! SRE, Platform Engineering, DevOps podcast is all about getting the best ideas into the world and seeing what happens. It discussed about code, infrastructure, and ops. Gerhard Lazu and others explore all the things DevOps, infrastructure, and running applications in production. Whether you’re cloud-native, Kubernetes curious, or just operating a VPS or a pro-SRE, you will find this DevOps podcast helpful. It provides the visionaries to the makers, and the shippers see it through.

11. DevOps With Zack

This DevOps podcast namely DevOps With Zack was hosted by Arshad Zackeriya. He is a DevOps Engineer and an AWS Community Builder. The podcast delivers some best podcasts about the current industry trends, best practices, and daily use cases of DevOps.

12. Software Defined Talk

Software Defined Talk was hosted by Brandon Whichard, Code, and Matt Raym. It dissects the latest news, events, and views on topics you exploring. It also talks about Serverless, DevOps, Kubernetes, security, and coding. This podcast also discusses enterprise software and cloud computing.

13. Software Engineering Daily Podcast

Software Engineering Daily DevOps shares news, tips, and other building information, optimizing, and scaling large software projects. The diverse guests share their perspectives from their personal experience in the industry, from experts in MLOPS systems to pipeline specialists.

14. AWS Podcast

The AWS podcast is a treasure hunt of insights into news, trends, and feature launches. It covers a variety of topics, including security, infrastructure, and serverless computing for IT professionals. Hosted by Hawn Nguyen-Loughren and Simon Elisha provide expert interviews, new launches, updates, and more insights helping you to update yourself as per the the latest in AWS-related solutions.

15. Cloud Unfiltered

The Cloud Unfiltered DevOps Podcasts provides you with a series of interviews with cloud experts through Apple Podcasts, SoundCloud, and Spotify. It will help you to explore real-life insights from experienced software engineers, IT executives, open-source project leads, and cloud users as well. This DevOps podcast was hosted by Michael Chenetz, inviting guests to deep-dive into cloud architectures, different cloud management models, and deployment strategies.


The more these DevOps Podcasts talk about professionals and trained DevOps engineers, the more you’ll get to know their struggle to promote a cost-conscious culture among their technical staff. Many technology companies are still struggling to reduce cloud waste.

The most valuable DevOps engineers are those who treat cloud cost as the first-class metric.

By understanding how cloud spending impacts and competitiveness of the entire buisness, developers can speak the same language as finance. Finance and engineers can work together to minimize cloud waste and maximize cloud value without spending millions on cloud providers.

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