Quality Assurance and Software Testing Services

Our quality assurance services guarantee the reliability of your product because they are based on our expertise in software testing and development. We guard it from bugs so that it is not only trustworthy but also fun and helpful.

QA and Software Testing We Provide

Lower overhead costs! Quicker cycles for product releases! Access to expert tools! 

These are all the advantages of hiring our top 1% engineers to handle your software testing and quality assurance. Our adaptable engagement models guarantee a smooth collaboration, regardless of the size of the automation team you require.

Manual Testing

Manual testing is a practical method that picks up on details that automated technologies might overlook. We find bugs by doing both acceptance testing and exploratory testing. We also model real-world user interactions to ensure that the finished program lives up to user expectations.

Regression Testing

Regression testing is your safety net. We make sure the primary features of your program continue to function even after software changes. A series of pre-defined test cases are conducted as part of this iterative procedure. It results in fewer bugs, consistent software quality, and dependable operation of legacy features.

API Testing

Modern apps are built on a foundation of dependable APIs. API testing verifies that your endpoints are secure, optimized, and equipped to withstand demands in the real world. It helps validate data flows, endpoint stability, and performance under load.

Automation Testing

Use our automated testing services to set up a line of production for quality assurance inspections. Our automation experts perform test cases carefully to provide fast and reliable feedback. When repetitive operations are automated, it increases software dependability and decreases manual labor.

Web and Mobile QA

In an era where consumers switch from a high-end PC to a mid-range cellphone, it is important for your websites and applications to work flawlessly across all devices and browsers. You need to have a responsive design and cross-platform compatibility for a better user experience. Our expert engineers will help you test your cross-platform compatibility and get rid of any bugs that your customers might find.

Performance Testing

We discover performance bottlenecks by simulating "rush hour" circumstances with our load tests. This means that even during periods of high traffic, your application maintains its speed and responsiveness. We keep an eye on system stability, throughput rates, and reaction times to test your software's breakpoints. Performance testing maintains the resilience and responsiveness of your product even in times of high demand.

Why Is Your Product's Quality Assurance (QA) Important?

App quality testing calculates a range of business and performance KPIs to make sure that your app is worthy. QA ensures that the product meets or exceeds customer expectations. By consistently delivering a high-quality product, you enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty, which can lead to repeat business and positive word-of-mouth recommendations.

Why Choose Perimattic For QA and Software Testing

Every Effective Solution is Based On Quality

Use our quality assurance experts' knowledge to turn your business concept into a real success. Our committed staff fills in the gaps between your strategic objectives and an impeccable digital solution. We at Perimattic provide quality assurance and software development solutions to make sure you succeed.

Experience and Expertise

Over the years, our QA testers have meticulously ensured the flawless performance of a variety of software products. Our meticulous testing process guarantees that the software you receive is not only reliable but also safe for your business operations.

Established In-house Standards

When providing QA services, we adhere to a set of protocols, guidelines, and project documentation that we have created. Our quality assurance testers make sure that your apps are delivered on time without compromising on quality. We also help you after your app has been launched to repair any bugs or fixes.

Automation and Agility

We use proven quality assurance tests to make sure that you receive bug-free applications. Our automated quality assurance will guarantee quick delivery and excellent results. Our QA testers and DevOps engineers collaborate simultaneously to provide continuous agile delivery for your needs.

Excellent Management

You can evaluate important quality indicators, detect problematic test suites, manage all testing activities in one location, and combine your issue and DevOps systems to track incidents and software problems with our QA testers.

Industry Expertise

Our specialized audit service teams provide you with worldwide expertise across all industries and sectors to guarantee that your projects, goods, procedures, and activities both meet and surpass the necessary market standards and requirements.

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