Cloud Architecting & Deployment

Perimattic specializes in both cloud architecture and deployment services. We integrate unique technologies to create clouds and share scalable resources across a network. In addition, we specialize in strategizing the best applications for the cloud, Architecture audit and design, Automation with Amazon CloudFormation, etc. With our services, we help you reap the benefits of the cloud, such as scalability and high availability.

Cloud Consulting & Solutions

Perimattic helps organizations transform their IT environment with best-in-class Cloud Consulting Services. Our team of experts delivers highly effective and reliable cloud consulting and solutions to get a competitive edge and reduce IT resource requirements. We also help you improve productivity, besides lowering costs and reducing time. In addition, we help your business to become more agile and responsive to the changing market scenario.

Custom Development Services

When off-the-shelf platforms and products cannot fulfill your customers' needs, you require custom software solutions. First, we provide custom development services for your cloud storage. Next, we identify your overarching goals and assess your existing technology, thinking beyond lift and shift options. After that, we reimagine an idea for customizing your needs, and finally, we build the modern web-based solution needed.

Digital Transformation & Automation

Digital transformation is the act of merging business processes with current automation-based technology to make cross-enterprise workflows expedient, optimized, and less erroneous. It shifts tasks from being department-specific and manually done to being streamlined, universally accessible, and strategically automated. We help you transform into a fine-tuned business workflow process that reduces waste and maximizes resources, all powered by a single integrated software.

Infrastructure DevOps & Automation

Infrastructure as code is critical for delivering scripts, engaging teams, monitoring tools, measuring performance, and assuring adherence to specified targets when using infra-automation. It can also provide better reliability and also boost cross-team collaboration. Perimattic helps you adopt DevOps with infrastructure security and compliance and shifting to automation with legacy systems. In addition, it will help you resolve downtime concerns and cost-related issues.

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