Automate your DevOps CI/CD pipelines with our proprietary DevOps framework and streamline your infrastructure automation with technologies like Terraform.

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Together, let's succeed in the cloud.

  • 1 Create high-performance, scalable, and agile technology on current IT environments prioritising the cloud.
  • 2 Coordinate and integrate the development and operational work.
  • 3 Break down silos and put all stakeholders, regardless of role, together.
  • 4 Shorten time to market, accomplish quick but, satisfactory delivery, and boost customer reliability.

Leading-edge DevOps Services

With single click deployment, continuous integration, automated security warnings, simple code management and review, and on-premise, public, or hybrid cloud deployment, we enable you use DevOps in the context of your business to achieve the best outcomes.

DevOps Implementation Services

Develop automated Continuous Integration (CI), Continuous Testing (CT), and Continuous Deployment (CD) pipelines by outsourcing your DevOps implementation. Your tech staff may work less and focus more on fixing business issues thanks to DevOps as a Service.

Services for App Containerization

When it comes to quick and secure app development, containerization offers quantifiable advantages for both IT operations and developers. In order to design, manage, and maintain lightweight, agile, and flexible applications, our professional team consults, configures, and orchestrates application containerization using well-known technologies like Kubernetes.

DevOps Services in Azure

Our knowledge of the Azure DevOps platform can help you create and deploy applications efficiently. Take full advantage of Azure DevOps' tools for source control, testing, continuous integration (CI), continuous deployment (CD), project management, and more using our trained Azure experts.

Cloud Infrastructure Services

Create a collaborative environment to accelerate application releases with better build quality by conducting assessments, planning, creating roadmaps, and putting automated deployment processes into place.

DevOps Consulting Services

Collaborate with us to manage Terraform's Infrastructure as Code (IaC) for configuration, provisioning, deprovisioning, and scaling. For more effective administration, robust infrastructure, real-time analytics, effective resource management, bolstered security, and better performance, gain thorough access into your hybrid, cloud, or multi-cloud system.

AWS DevOps Services

Use the capabilities offered by Amazon Web Services (AWS) to hasten the development and delivery of applications through automated release, code deployment, and performance monitoring, as well as streamlined infrastructure provisioning and management. Use automation and our trained AWS experts to manage intricate infrastructure situations.

Let's achieve our Goals, On Cloud!

Together, we can succeed in the cloud because of CloudNow's considerable experience in building corporate apps. Using our advanced skills & processes, we can quickly replicate your SDLC. Our DevOps strategy produces CI/CD pipelines that are highly optimised, dependable deployment of solidly constructed applications, a noticeably shorter time to market, and consistently great UX.

  • 1 High-speed service delivery with cost savings due to expedited software deployment
  • 2 Versatile DevOps delivery model to suit your needs - on-shore, off-shore, or near-shore
  • 3 World-class efficiencies for a fraction of the cost through DevOps automation with fine-grain analytics
  • 4 Consistently higher quality output thanks to our collaborative culture and commitment to industry best practises in Agile DevOps
  • 5 With our scalable team of certified engineers, we have the flexibility to launch projects as per your deadlines.

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