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Since the beginning, we at Perimattic have been leading the development of GraphQL technology. As a leading app development business, we've embraced GraphQL's promise to create sophisticated, flexible, scalable apps.
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About GraphQL

GraphQL is a query language designed by Facebook to facilitate communication with APIs and access data from many sources. GraphQL speeds up the creation of contemporary, affordable online and mobile apps by making APIs quick, adaptable, and developer-friendly.

Benefits of GraphQL in App Development

Why Choose Perimattic as Your GraphQL Development Company?

At Perimattic, we aim to provide top-notch services that will undoubtedly lead to corporate success. Our staff of professional developers will use cutting-edge tools, the newest IT trends, and technology to combine your ideal project. 

Experienced GraphQL Professionals

At Perimattic, we employ highly skilled GraphQL developers with proven experience in designing and developing high-quality, scalable applications using GraphQL.

Extensive Project Portfolio

At Perimattic, we have been using GraphQL since its launch to create apps that satisfy clients from various industries worldwide.

Global App Quality Standards

From conception to completion, we adhere to the highest global app development quality standards, ensuring a seamless and exceptional outcome for your project.

Cost Effective Solutions

By optimising data fetching and development processes, GraphQL contributes to reduced development costs and faster time-to-market for your product.

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What GraphQL API Development Services Do We Provide?

GraphQL is ideal for your company needs and is readily expandable. The quality and consistency are guaranteed by our development specialists. It maintains your company ahead of the competition and creates efficient APIs for your sophisticated apps. Engage our experts to improve the overall experience and expedite your business procedures. Our GraphQL development team has years of expertise creating robust API solutions for customers across several business verticals.

Our Services

API Architecture and Its Design

We specialise in creating custom and personalised APIs tailored to business needs. The competent developers who are members of our team are responsible for coming up with the API design that will do the job perfectly.

GraphQL Performance Optimization

Our GraphQL specialists are skilled in minimising the total network overhead and query response time in order to maximise the performance of GraphQL APIs.

Migrating Existing Backend to GraphQL

We ensure that you can change from your existing backend system to GraphQL easily and without any problems. Our team is the key player in the successful and worry-free implementation process.

GraphQL Integration with the Current Backend

Need to tie GraphQL into an existing application? Let us handle it! Our talented development team has the expertise that is necessary to integrate GraphQL smoothly into an existing project, managing the entire process from start to finish.

Building Beautiful GraphQL Apps: The Tools We Use


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Big names like Facebook, Shopify, Instagram, and The New York Times are among the many companies that utilise GraphQL’s efficient development approach. This trend is expected to rise as more developers discover its advantages.

GraphQL reduces over- or under-fetching of data, which can enhance the performance of your product. You can request just the fields you require, rather than whole objects. This leads to quicker response times by lowering the volume of data carried over the network. Additionally, by enabling you to get numerous resources with a single query, GraphQL guarantees that you make fewer round trips to the server.

Front-end and back-end application functionality and performance may both be enhanced with GraphQL. This query language is applicable to both client and server implementations.

GraphQL facilitates effective data retrieval and network request optimization on the client side. GraphQL can offer a uniform API layer on the server side that combines data from many sources and effectively and flexibly distributes it to clients.

No. GraphQL isn’t only for JavaScript and React devs. Although GraphQL is well-liked by professionals in React and JavaScript, it is a technology-neutral definition. Numerous programming languages and frameworks may implement it. It is capable of being integrated with many front-end and back-end technologies and is by default made to function with any kind of data source.

GraphQL is the best option if you need to create APIs more effectively and cater to a wide range of customers. A contemporary query language called GraphQL helps developers to quickly and easily extract data from APIs. It gives users access to a single interface for a variety of data sources, enabling them to just seek the information they truly want.

You can quickly grow your API with GraphQL to accommodate varying client demands and maximise network data transfer. This indicates that creating APIs with GraphQL is more effective, adaptable, and potent.

GraphQL may be used with any type of database or without a database at all as a query language for APIs. By streamlining the data request process and obtaining only the data requested by the client, it makes APIs rapid, effective, and developer-friendly. GraphQL can be an effective tool for web developers to manage data and APIs.

Since GraphQL just has one endpoint, it is less expensive than REST. With only one request, it can also easily run a complicated query. GraphQL allows for the modification of the request data format and offers speedier development. Apollo and Relay are only two examples of the expanding collection of GraphQL tools and frameworks that facilitate the creation, testing, and implementation of GraphQL APIs. Features including mistake correction, caching, and real-time updates are offered by these technologies.

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