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Perimattic has been a strong supporter of Node.js since its debut. We have extensive expertise and experience with Node.js, having been active members of the community from its inception.
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Why Choose Node.js for App Development?

Node.js acts as a back-end runtime environment produced in JavaScript, which lets you run apps on the web away from the client’s browser. It is an open-source and multi-platform program allowing server-side scripting and based on the Chrome V8 JavaScript engine. Node.js was developed by Ryan Dahl in 2009. It has revolutionized the way we build web applications.

Benefits of Node.js Development

Why Choose Perimattic as Your Node.js Development Company?

10+ Years of Experience in Web and Mobile App Development

Through our experience, we can take advantage of the most recent technology like Node. js to bring dynamic and creative digital services. By virtue of our proven experience, we set the pace in the app development services industry.

Dedicated and Skilled Node.js Developers

Our team is composed of the best professionals of Node. js developers with an excellent knowledge of what the modern applications are made out of. This team is committed to making your project vision come true, taking into account every specific condition that you may have.

Quick and Budget Friendly App Development Solutions

We focus on coming up with practical innovative solutions that are both affordable and of high quality. Our expertise with Node.js allows us to create scalable applications within our budget limits.

Hundreds of Successful Projects Delivered

We have a proven track record of creating over 43+ successful Node.js applications for a diverse range of clients spanning various industries and geographic locations.

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What Node.js App Development Services Does Perimattic Provide?

We have a wide range of services for our portfolio. From product development to consultancy services, we provide multiple offerings and services.

Our Services

Web and Mobile App Development

We turn ideas for web and mobile apps into reality using Node.js services.

Node.js Integration

We help you to add Node. js plugin into your existing project effortlessly.

Consulting, Development, and Maintenance

We would guide you on just how to go about using Node. js by expert consultancy services.

Node.js API Development

We are specialists in developing APIs with various specifications - custom and modified.

Node.js Microservices

We make the development of intricate applications with a lot of different services easy by using microservices.

Tools We Use to Build Beautiful Node.js Solutions


Delve deeper into the minds of our brilliant developers by exploring our insightful blog posts. Gain a comprehensive understanding of who we are, our development philosophies, and how we can leverage Node.js to empower your project with innovative solutions.

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Node.js is a powerful tool for building various applications. From social media and e-commerce platforms to real-time chat and data-intensive apps, it can handle complex projects. Even popular services like Netflix, LinkedIn, Paypal, and Uber leverage Node.js for their functionality.

Node.js offers a number of fantastic features. It is ideal for cross-platform applications, web application backend development, and APIs. It is also quick, provides improved client-server code synchronization, and is simple to understand and use.

The database to be utilized is determined by the needs unique to the project. PostgreSQL, SQLite, MySQL, MongoDB, Redis, Apache Cassandra, Dynamo, and other databases are often used.

Our Node.js app development service is the best option if you prioritize developing scalable applications and websites. Node.js’s design makes it quick, scalable, and appropriate for cross-platform applications.

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