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Perimattic is a top PostgreSQL development company that is represented by devoted professionals. We leverage the power and flexibility of PostgreSQL to craft robust mobile and web applications that scale seamlessly.
Are you trying to get innovative ideas from PostgreSQL? Look no further! Our long-standing experience working with the open-source community enables us to provide outstanding solutions for businesses in various sectors.

About PostgreSQL

PostgreSQL is a reliable, object-relational database management system based on SQL with a number of features for effectively storing and scaling the most demanding data. PostgreSQL was created in 1986 as a part of the POSTGRES project at the University of California, Berkeley, and it is already 35 years of its core platform active development.

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Impressive Track Record

We develop the best in the class PostgreSQL projects across a wide range of industries such as finance. Our track record speaks volumes!

Industry Experts

Our experienced team of master PostgreSQL developers effortlessly tackle any problem. They are good at analyzing your particular demands and coming up with solutions that align so perfectly.

Cost-Effective Workflow

Our developers place cost-efficiency first and concurrently make sure that scalability is well maintained within your budget constraints.

Data Security

Data security is paramount. The security protocols and practices of our team are always up to date which secure your project and data during the process.

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What PostgreSQL Development Services Do We Provide?

We provide a wide scope of development services for multiple industries and business requirements. Our team of certified PostgreSQL developers are skilled in using the tech for various services.

Our Services

Creating Custom Event Triggers

We identify and automate actions triggered by specific database events, such as data updates, new user sign-ups, or changes to specific database fields. We can then design unique event triggers that react to these occurrences after we've recognized them.

Postgres Functions to Automate Tasks

We can assist you in streamline operations by developing, monitoring, integrating, and optimizing functions for your application needs.

Database Control Access Through an RBAC System

We can assist you with the creation, maintenance, implementation, and training processes of RBAC design. Our team is good in using the technology to set up sturdy database control workflows suitable for your application and target goals.

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PostgreSQL Success Stories

We are proud to join hands with our valued clients in creating exceptional and unique solutions. Each project strengthens our capability. Get to know our success stories and detailed cases below.

UI/UX Design, Portal Development, and End-to-End Infrastructure Deployment for Taygo Cloud

Taygo Cloud is a dynamic cloud service provider specializing in delivering scalable, efficient, and secure cloud solutions for businesses of all sizes. Their platform, [](, offers a range of services including cloud storage, computing, and networking, aimed at helping businesses enhance their digital capabilities and streamline their operations.

✔︎ Modern infrastructure
✔︎ Consulting services

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Case Study: Setting Up an Offshore Technical Development Team for Staffing Future

Staffing Future is a leading provider of innovative staffing website solutions and digital marketing strategies designed to help staffing agencies and recruitment firms enhance their online presence and optimize their recruitment processes. Known for its cutting-edge technology and comprehensive services, Staffing Future helps its clients attract and retain top talent through customized and user-friendly websites, job boards, and integrated digital marketing solutions.

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PostgreSQL provides the reliability of transactions, advanced concurrency control, rich data types (hstore, JSON, JSONB), powerful search functions (full-text, geospatial), built-in replication for high availability, and extensive customization through procedural languages.

It supports SQL and it is open source as well. Therefore, it is a relational database management system. PostgreSQL is compatible with SQL and can work on different operating systems, such as Linux and Windows, MacOS and Solaris. Furthermore, it supports various programming languages such as Java, Python, C, Perl, Ruby and others.

PostgreSQL should be your choice if you need a reliable, open-source database with extensive data requirements and/or safe transactions or features like advanced data types, built-in replication, and more.

PostgreSQL is one of the most widely used, reliable, database management systems that span from various industries. Among the operations that use PostgreSQL are e-commerce, healthcare, and finance to build scalable web and mobile applications.

PostgreSQL has a number of advantages over other database systems. It provides dependability, security, cost-effectiveness, customisation and a vibrant community for the knowledge exchange.

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