React Native App Development Services

React Native App Development Services

At Perimattic, we've been at the forefront of React Native's growth and community since its early days. With years of experience in crafting cross-platform mobile apps, we're equipped to deliver exceptional React Native solutions that align perfectly with your goals.
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Our Journey


Community culture with regular contributions to open-source projects


More than 43 React Native app developers in a team with several key contributors


Over 43 React Native applications—and growing—for multinational corporations

About React Native

It is an open-source app development framework that utilizes JavaScript. Designed with code reusability in mind, it empowers you to create iOS and Android apps from a single codebase. The React Native applications deliver performance that rivals native apps, and the framework continuously evolves thanks to its active developer community.

Benefits of React Native App Development

Why Choose Perimattic as Your React Native Development Partner?

70+ Clients

Our team has diverse contributors to React Native and has come up with solutions for more than 43 React Native apps problems for various clients around the globe.

Top Open-Source Contributors

We are the ones who have taken part in the creation of over 10 open-source products in the React Native ecosystem. This involves the contributions of UI component libraries and already ready-to-use templates for the developers and designers.

Core Contributors of React Native

Our React Native developers, who are not only the main developers of the React Native codebase but also the experts in the technology, are the professionals in this field. Their project contributions are the basis for development teams world wide.


We are the ones who are so passionate about the making of the community within the React Native. We often arrange meetups and mini-conferences where our community is the most popular worldwide.

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What React Native App Development Services Does Perimattic Provide?

The wide variety of our React Native development services that are designed for your particular needs is backed by our vast experience. Our caring React Native app developers can effectively manage the project schedules and budgets while at the same time, they can create the best applications.

Our Services

Cross-Platform App Development

We use React Native to create React Native apps that run smoothly on different platforms, for example, iOS and Android.

React Native App Design

We craft visually appealing and user-friendly interfaces for your React Native apps, ensuring an intuitive and engaging user experience.

App Maintenance & Support

We offer maintenance and support for your React Native apps, including upgrading React Native versions and dependencies. Thus, your app stays up-to-date and can fulfill your ever-changing business needs.

App Optimization

We improve the performance and user experience of your React Native apps, resulting in a smoother, more engaging user experience.

Third-Party Integration

We smoothly combine your React Native apps with the multiple third-party services, such as social media platforms, payment gateways, and analytics tools.

Quality Assurance

We thoroughly test and confirm the high quality of your React Native apps. Our development process follows the industry standards and as a result, you get stable and dependable applications.

Tools We Use to Build Beautiful React Native Apps

Our React Native Products

We’ve leveraged React Native to create a diverse range of applications. Here are a few examples:

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React Native app Success Stories

We’re proud of the partnerships we’ve built and the solutions we’ve engineered. Each project is unique, adding to our expertise and expanding our capabilities. We’ve collaborated with a variety of clients on impactful projects, including:

UI/UX Design, Portal Development, and End-to-End Infrastructure Deployment for Taygo Cloud

Taygo Cloud is a dynamic cloud service provider specializing in delivering scalable, efficient, and secure cloud solutions for businesses of all sizes. Their platform, [](, offers a range of services including cloud storage, computing, and networking, aimed at helping businesses enhance their digital capabilities and streamline their operations.

✔︎ Modern infrastructure
✔︎ Consulting services

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Case Study: Setting Up an Offshore Technical Development Team for Staffing Future

Staffing Future is a leading provider of innovative staffing website solutions and digital marketing strategies designed to help staffing agencies and recruitment firms enhance their online presence and optimize their recruitment processes. Known for its cutting-edge technology and comprehensive services, Staffing Future helps its clients attract and retain top talent through customized and user-friendly websites, job boards, and integrated digital marketing solutions.

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React Native and Flutter are both excellent choices for mobile app development. The deciding factor depends on your team’s expertise. If your team uses JavaScript, React Native (with its larger community) might be a better fit.

Yes, partially!  While UI components need to be rebuilt for React Native, you can often reuse the logic behind your React web app. This includes data management, state management, and any non-UI code. The reusability depends on how modular and clean your existing codebase is.

Choosing between React Native and native development depends on your app’s complexity and needs. Native development offers superior performance and access to all device features, ideal for demanding apps. However, React Native shines in development speed and cost-effectiveness. 

With a single codebase, you can build for both iOS and Android using a widely supported framework, making it a great choice for simpler apps or those where development time and budget are constraints.

The tech stacks utilized, the size of the app, the back-end technology utilized, and the amount of native interaction needed all affect how much a React Native app development project will typically cost.

The development time for a React Native app can vary greatly. It depends on the app’s complexity, features, and planning. Complex apps with many features take months, while simpler ones can be built in weeks. Clear communication and planning from the start are crucial for an efficient development process.

Absolutely! React Native is designed for cross-platform development. You write your app once using JavaScript and React syntax, and it can be compiled to run on both iOS and Android devices. This saves time and money compared to developing separate native apps for each platform. The resulting apps also have a natural look and feel for each platform, so users won’t feel they’re using a generic app.

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